We grow seeds for everyone, and for the health and well being of people and planet. We are a community-owned seed company, and we’re not interested in tricksy seed biotechnology, or dominating the world’s seed supply.  Instead, call us old-fashioned, but we believe passionately in breeding open pollinated seeds that everyone can grow, everyone can save for the next year, and everyone can afford.  All our sustainable futures depend on protecting their genetic biodiversity.


Will you help?

Our most immediate and urgent task is to find people who share our vision and will support our genuinely community-owned seed company.  Full membership requires a minimum of 100 £1 shares, but larger shareholdings are very welcome.  Donations can also be made to help us reach our £500,000 target.  This will enable us to secure the ownership of a small farm in Lincolnshire where we can grow and process seed, for the good of the community, and our work will be secured for future generations of farmers, growers, and gardeners.


Why us?

We have been founded as one of the first of a new wave of collaborative and effective, ecologically orientated, seed producers for the UK.  We have the expertise and over 20 years growing experience –  and the will and determination – to grow better seeds for better food in a natural way that is resilient and safer for all.

At the end of our first financial year we had 43 paid up shareholders and had raised in excess of our £250,000 target for Year 1.  We now have 54 shareholders and have raised over £100,000 toward our £500,000 target for Year 2.


Why it matters

Our food system depends on viable, living seeds, capable of reproducing themselves. Sadly, few people realise how threatened the availability of open pollinated seeds is, or the manifold ways in which agri-business has taken ownership of seed production, resulting in the domination of fewer and ever-larger multi-national corporations, and the death of local and small-scale seed producers.

If you are interested, or feel you can help, please join or donate now to help secure the future for our natural food system.