WWOOFing at Gosberton Bank Nursery 2

Sorry, very late in posting this guest blog by Mayuki Kuno who worked with us from January to March earlier this year.  The blog was written in February.

BIG THANKS to Mayuki and all of our WWOOFers; we couldn’t do what we do without them!  To find out more about WWOOFing see wwoof.org.uk

IMG_8900I’m Mayuki from Japan. I’ve been working at Seed Co-operative as a WWoofer for about a month.
From today, I’m going to post about something which I spend and experience in here.

This is my first WWOOFing and also first VEGETARIAN LIFE.
When I received the mail which was included the information about working, accomodation and eating of Seed Co-operative from Kate, to be honest, I really worried that whether I can live without fish and meat as I found the words ‘we’re vegetarian’.

As you know, especially Japanese people is a fish lover, we eat not only skin but also a bone of fish.
And also vegetarian is quite unusual in Japan, there are not many vegetarian and vegan restaurant.

However, fortunately I’ve survived this situation for a month.

And actually I’ve really enjoyed as a vegetarian because all meal which is made by David, Kate and Dafna is absolutely delicious and lovely!
I’m looking forward to having lunch and dinner time every day. (of course I’m enjoying working as well.)

Besides, in my opinion, I feel better than before physically. That’s why it’s quite worthwhile for me to be vegetarian.
If my Japanese friends knew that I’m still existing without fish and meat, they would be surprised and give me a lot of massive compliment.

Do you think you could survive the vegetarian life?

MX1_1995Brussel sprouts and carrots are grown in our garden That’s absolutely lovely.
MX1_1998The apple pudding which was made by Kate.
Kate is great chef ever I think. If I was a male, I would like to get married with her!
MX1_2008A pear pudding with ice cream which was made from Dafna.
This is the one of my favourites!

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