WWOOFing at Gosberton Bank Nursery

In what we hope is the first in a series of blogs from people visiting Gosberton Bank Nursery, here is a guest blog by Michel Kounou.

IMG_8427Being a wwoofer is much more than a working experiment.
It has to be a state of mind as it demands working skills and resistance, and is also part of a social exchange.
Each wwoofer has his own stories to tell about the trips through the hosts and farms, the things he or she has learned about growing seeds, the different ways to nourish a soil, or how to weed out a seed growing field…

My story in Seed Co-operative’s farm in Gosberton (UK) would be about helping to take a damaged soil back to life.
The story takes place in an organic 10 acres farm with sheeps, chickens, several growing fields and glass houses, a complex irrigating system, and… a kind and caring family as host.

It is a month long journey through organic seed growing and the daily challenges that comes with it.  I have been able to meet David and his lovely wife Kate, sharing vegetarian food and learning about the english language and the British culture, thanks to the traditional 5 o’clock tea and home made cake preparation.

It’s a story with wonderful sunset views, laughs getting along with rainy days and guitar played in a flat country side background.
“welcome to the Lincolnshire”

Actually… nothing to talk about, something to live.
A story that can never end
Enjoy your own story
Michel Kounou

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