The funding challenge

Buying Gosberton Bank Nursery is only the beginning.  There is much work to do in getting the place in order, and functioning the way that we want it to do.

However, our first challenge is to raise the funds to pay off the short-term loans that will secure our tenure of the property.

buckwheat drying before threshing

We were very fortunate in 2015 to have great support from a wide range of people and organisations, in various ways.   Through the generosity of donations, grants, share purchases and a legacy we raised £250,000, plus additional sums in a short-term mortgage and loans.  In total our budgets show that we need to raise a further £500,000 in 2016 to pay off those loans and capitalize our work, which includes the purchase of Gosberton Bank Nursery and equipment costs, plus some initial staff costs to get us to a stage where we have undertaken renovation work and completed the organic conversion process.

We are planning a Community Share Offer campaign in the autumn. By introducing a wider audience to our work we will bring in new supporters and shareholders and a significant proportion of the total funding required.

Over the summer we will be planning this campaign, and using our networks and social media to raise awareness of the Seed Co-operative and why our work in the UK is so important, just as countless similar organisations are undertaking similarly critical work across the world.

If you are reading this now, the chances are you may already be a shareholder or existing supporter.  You are in at the beginning and anything you can do to help us would be much appreciated.  We need funding now to pay for some of the upfront costs for the campaign and some maintenance work at Gosberton Bank Nursery.

If you can contribute through either share purchase or donation we are very grateful.  If you can share what we are doing with your family and friends and encourage them to spread the word, this too is very valuable and we thank you for it.

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