Recruiting: Seed Production Co-ordinator

Seed Coop job advert

We are looking for an experienced field-scale organic vegetable grower

Seed Production Co-ordinator

We need a new team member at Gosberton Bank Nursery.  This person will co-ordinate the successful production, harvest and processing of biodynamic vegetable, herb and flower seed crops.

As Seed Production Co-ordinator you would work as part of our team (ultimately responsible to the Managing Director) and your duties and responsibilities will involve co-ordinating the following:-

  • planning and implementing annual cropping plans
  • implementing the sowing, planting and maintenance of the cropping areas in fields and glasshouses.
  • keeping detailed crop records.
  • managing and maintaining irrigation systems
  • organising and managing the harvesting and processing of seed crops, ensuring clean and tidy areas are maintained to guarantee top quality clean seed.
  • identifying and acquiring materials and equipment for crop production and infrastructure maintenance
  • initiating the marketing of any fresh produce
  • planning and implementing a soil fertility building and manuring plan, including biodynamic preps.
  • taking responsibility for the regular maintenance of farm and seed cleaning machinery, and keeping maintenance records up-to-date

Co-ordination will involve working with other members of the team; at times you will need to assist in areas co-ordinated by others, these include:

  • assisting with seed packing and order processing.
  • moving livestock and assisting with livestock tasks
  • supervising the work of apprentices and volunteers
  • being prepared to take visitors around and share knowledge of seed production

Key Skills

  • Knowledge of organic vegetable, herb and flower production; closed loop growing, crop rotations, compost making, weed management, soil building.
  • Tractor driving with a range of implements
  • Agricultural machinery maintenance
  • Maintenance or workshop machinery, seed processing machinery and hand tools
  • Building, glasshouse, irrigation, fencing and general infrastructure maintenance.
  • Open communication with other team members
  • Work programme planning and ability to manage volunteers as part of a team
  • Self-motivated and able to take responsibility
  • Basic computer skills

Desirable skills/qualifications

  • Management of seed crops
  • Seed processing experience
  • Good computer skills
  • Qualifications in farming, ecology, or sustainable land management
  • Experience of biodynamic farming practices

Personal qualities:

  • A deep respect for the earth as a living organism
  • Natural team worker
  • Openness to learning and adopting biodynamic methods
  • Highly organised, taking a systems approach and sensibly tidy
  • Adaptable and able to juggle ever-changing priorities

To apply please send a CV and covering letter to: by 19th April 2017.  Interviews will take place w/c 1 May 2017

A sample employment contract for this post can be downloaded here  Seed-Production-Co-ordinator-sample-contract.pdf (110 downloads)

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