BBC Food and Farming Awards – FINAL – Sept 2017

What a night it was at the BBC Food Awards final!! Growing Underground were named the winners in the Future Food category. Islander Kelp were the other very worthy finalists, and their story of regenerating both a lost industry and an island community is well worth checking out.  Apparently we were the top three from over 70 entries across the UK.  The fact that we’re disappointed not to get first place just shows how far we’ve come!

Thank you to ALL of our supporters, those that have taken an interest in what we do, and of course the whole team at the BBC Food and Farming Awards for finding these fantastic stories and people to celebrate, and doing it so well!

IMG_3092We have received a great boost from Patrick Holden, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, and winner of the Derek Cooper Award at the 2017 BBC Food and Farming Awards.  He sent us the following message:

“I’d like to capitalize on any attention that I’ve received for winning the Derek Cooper Award to remind people of the critically important work of the Seed Co-operative, a project which is countering a potential mass extinction of the seeds we depend on for health, vitality and diversity in our food systems. It is easy to overlook the potential importance of the humble seed, especially at a time when fewer and fewer farmers and growers have the knowledge of saving seed from the plants they grow. The Seed Co-operative reminds us that each farmer and grower is a custodian of the seeds they inherit and which are passed on to future generations. In the spirit of democratising the food system, their community owned model allows everyone to become a part of it by buying shares and becoming co-owners. The cause of this community owned seed company is close to my heart and any support you can give towards their target of £300,000 for securing the start-up costs is greatly appreciated. The  Seed Co-operative have achieved  enormous recognition as finalists in the Future Foods  category BBC Food and Farming Awards. They represent an incredible opportunity to reverse the dramatic loss of seed diversity which has declined by more than 90% since than the 1900s. Please give generously!” – Patrick Holden

On the radio…

You can still here the radio programmes featuring the Seed Co-operative, and the BBC Future Food Award….

On Your Farm broadcast 17 Sept 17 – listen here

The Food Programme also broadcast 17 Sept – listen here

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